Practical Theology
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Practical Theology (7)

Introduction to Homiletics PTH 101 

As an introduction to the field of preaching, this course seeks to address matters relating to the life and anointing of the preacher and the mechanics of homiletics, including the fundamental principles of sermon construction, the treatment of the text, use of illustrations, types of sermons, methods of delivery, and source materials for the preparation of the sermon. Emphasis is given to practical application (prerequisite GE103 Speech Rhetoric).

Church Planting & Growth PTH 200

A study of the principles of church growth, focusing on the church ‘s holistic development through analysis of the spiritual, economic and socio-political factors which bear upon its effectiveness. Specific strategies will be examined and proposed as potential catalysts for new starts and the growth of the church.

Expository Preaching PTH 300

A study of the development and delivery of the expository sermon whereby attention is given to the methods of preparation, the components, and the effective delivery of the expository sermon.

Introduction to Christian Education PTH 102

A study of the principles of organization and administration of the educational ministries of para-church organizations and of the local church with emphasis upon the structural organization of the Sunday School and other auxiliary ministries.

Introduction to Children’s Ministry PTH 201

A study of the characteristics of children; an introduction to their spiritual needs and their development; the challenge of the church in meeting their total needs. This course is designed to assist children leaders in the development of programs and efficient administration of camps, VBS, children ‘s church, activities and programs for children.

Introduction to Youth Ministry PTH 203

A course on the development of youth ministry with an emphasis on understanding the youth culture. Particular attention is given to understanding youth, to the development of a philosophy of youth ministry, and to the organization of comprehensive ministry that is real and relevant to millennials. 

Evangelism PTH 204

A course giving a practical guide to community evangelism and outreach.  The student will develop and study the social, cultural, and ethnic demographics and its direct impact on putting together a real, reliable, and relevant plan of action for evangelism and outreach in the community.