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Spring 2022 Term Virtual Courses
Spring Break
Judge Rocky Jones
04-26-22 thru 05-26-22
Rev. Sherwyn Ramey
06-07-22 thru 06-23-22
Summer Break
Dr. Sherwyn Ramey
08-15-22 thru 08-26-22
Labor Day Break
Fall 2022 Term Virtual Courses
American Sign Language 8:30a to 9:30a CST
Dr. Erica Henry
09-07-22 thru 11-05-22 (Onsite Cedar Hill)
Pentateuch Bl 300– 6p to 9p CST
Rev. Kelron Harry
09-13-22 thru 10-13-22
Evangelism PTH 204 – See Registration for class hours
Dr. Oliver Phillips
10-25-22 thru 11-17-22
Intro to Leadership Paradigm AL 101 – 6p to 8p CST
Dr. Sherwyn Ramey
12-05-22 thru 12-17-22
Winter Break