Pastoral Theology
Consist ofcourses

Introduction to Pastoral Care PT 106

An introduction to the basic principles and techniques of pastoral care with attention given to the characteristics of an effective caring pastor.  The student will examine an overview of the compassionate heart and soft skills needed during times of personal and congregational grief and trauma.  

Introduction to Counseling Theories PT 105 

This course will offer the student basic paradigms and theoretical applications for care and counseling.  The importance of client counselor privilege and confidentiality that governs the counseling process will be a major concentration of this course.  

Assimilation Ministry PT 107 (Seminar)

An overview of the procedural steps followed for new membership assimilation and integration into CMBC membership and Gospel family team initiative.   

Conversion Team Ministry PT 108

An understanding of the ministry performed at congregational services and the processes and procedures to be followed for the three invitations offered.

Hospitality Ministry (Ushers/Greeters) (WORKSHOP)

The ministry of ushering and greeting will be looked at from the scriptural perspective of servanthood and stewardship.

Introduction to Praise & Worship Ministry PT 109

An introductory course in the theology and practice of worship, the elements of music, song leadership, and music in the worship service. Emphasis will be given to investigating the Biblical and theological foundations of worship, as well as the evolution of contemporary styles of praise and worship.

Marriage and the Family PT 309

An overview of the rudiments of marriage and it’s social, moral and spiritual impact on family structure in today’s society.  Pre and post marriage ideologies and the components of mate selection, dating, child rearing, single parenting and intimate relationships and the direct and residual impact on community and society. 

Introduction to Mentoring/Coaching PT 209

An overall overview introduction to paradigms for coaching and mentoring.  The student will develop an awareness for the skillset necessary to customize performance driven coaching and evaluations and development driven mentoring with measurable evaluations