Ministry Studies 

Survey of Theology TH 101

An introduction into theological thought and doctrines of Christian faith.  Special attention will be given to the impact of theology on the North American social and cultural landscape. 

Church Planting & Growth PT 200 

A study of the principles of church growth, focusing on the church ‘s holistic development through analysis of the spiritual, economic and socio-political factors which bear upon its effectiveness. Specific strategies will be examined and proposed as potential catalysts for new starts and the growth of the church.

Introduction to Pastoral Care PT 106 

An introduction to the basic principles and techniques of pastoral care with attention given to the characteristics of an effective caring pastor. The student will examine an overview of the compassionate heart and soft skills needed during times of personal and congregational grief and trauma.

*Assimilation Ministry PT 107 (5hr. Seminar- 1 credit) 

An overview of the procedural steps followed for new membership assimilation and integration into CMBC membership and Gospel family team initiative.

*Hospitality Ministry (5hr. Workshop- 1 credit)

The ministry of ushering and greeting will be looked at from the scriptural perspective of servanthood and stewardship.

*Church History CMBC CH 100 (5hr. Seminar)

A survey of the history and development of Community Missionary Baptist Church, an examination of its leadership philosophy, vision, and mission throughout the years.

*Conversion Team Ministry PT 108

An understanding of the ministry performed at congregational services and the processes and procedures to be followed for the three invitations offered.