Church History
Consist ofcourses

Church History CMBC CH 100 (SEMINAR)

A survey of the history and development of Community Missionary Baptist Church, an examination of its leadership philosophy, vision, and mission throughout the years. 

History Evangelism & Missions CH 101

A survey of the history, methodology, theology and Biblical principles of evangelism and missions with special focus on the principles underlying the ministry of Jesus Christ in personal and mass evangelism.

Introduction to African American History CH 202

An overview of the impact slavery on African American history; emphasis will be placed on the 1619 project and key persons and events that have given definition to the African American experience.

Introduction to African American Church History CH 302

An introduction to the history of the African American Church, special emphasis will be given to the polity of the Southern Baptist and impact on today‚Äôs Baptist church.  This course will also examine role of the Black church from slavery, to contemporary acts of social justice.