Administration & Leadership
Consist ofcourses

Administration AL 201

A study of the day-to-day planning and operations of the local church, with some attention given to understanding the operations of the financial management, record keeping, reporting, church deacon board and staff administration, cost effective facilities maintenance and human resource management. 

Introduction to Leadership Paradigms AL 100

An overview of different models of leadership and how these models can be applied to motivate and build a successful purpose driven team. 

Christian Leadership & Management AL 300

A study of the various types and principles of Christian leadership and human-resource development and management. Focus will be on areas such as time management, stress management, conflict management, and recruiting, equipping, and motivating laity.

Project Management AL 301

This course is an introduction to the modern techniques for planning, scheduling, reporting, controlling, and managing projects. Particular emphasis is given to the project planning process including the project life cycle, requirements, and scope.

Organizational Behavior & Management AL 200

Study of group behavior and how group functioning affects organizational effectiveness as it relates to the process of problem solving and decision-making. Emphasis is placed on decision-making and group process to determine which tasks are best handled by groups or individuals.

Principles of Self-Management AL 103

This course will focus on group interaction skills and the management of individual and professional priorities. Some of the areas covered will include behavioral style analysis, communication processes within groups, conflict management, goal setting, prioritizing, and time-management