The programs offered will provide each student with the opportunity to be more proficient in different disciplines of ministry.  The learning opportunities will be executed with the use of technological innovation.  Virtual classrooms will give each student the option to actively participate in each course from the comforts of their home or be engaged in socially distanced seating classrooms.  Our on-campus library facilities (Cedar Hill) will also provide much needed text and research material to all students.  Our learning paradigms will offer a well-balanced course schedule with fifty courses in seven concentration areas from certificate to diploma levels.  

On behalf of Rev Oscar D Epps our president and board chairman, our faculty and staff,  EPPS School of Ministry looks forward to a most engaging future as we prepare and equip the called to the work of His ministry.     

“For us Jews studying the bible is more important than obeying it because if you don’t understand it rightly you will obey it wrongly and your obedience will be disobedience”.