Youth Ministry

Introduction to Youth Ministry PT 203

A course on the development of youth ministry with an emphasis on understanding the youth culture. Particular attention is given to understanding youth, to the development of a philosophy of youth ministry, and to the organization of comprehensive ministry that is real and relevant to millennials.

Introduction to Christian Education PT 102

A study of the principles of organization and administration of the educational ministries of para-church organizations and of the local church with emphasis upon the structural organization of the Sunday School and other auxiliary ministries.

Foundations of Ministry GE 100

An overview of the foundational issues of ministry, including establishing a theology of ministry. Special attention will be given to the role of the minister, ministerial ethics, servanthood in ministry, and Jesus’ model of ministry. Emphasis will also be placed upon the sacraments and specialized ministries, such as weddings, baby dedications, water baptism and funerals.

Introduction to Leadership Paradigms AL 100

An overview of different models of leadership and how these models can be applied to motivate and build a successful purpose driven team.

History Evangelism & Missions CH 101

A survey of the history, methodology, theology and Biblical principles of evangelism and missions with special focus on the principles underlying the ministry of Jesus Christ in personal and mass evangelism.