Consist of 6 courses

Survey of Theology TH 101

An introduction into theological thought and doctrines of Christian faith.  Special attention will be given to the impact of theology on the North American social and cultural landscape. 

Theology of the OT Prophets TH 201

This course will give a comprehensive overview of the theology of the Old Testament major and minor prophets.  Contextual observation of how their theology impacted the message and applicable relevance to this contemporary era will form a major part of this study.

Eschatological Theology TH 304 

A study of Old and New Testament Scriptural impact on the survey of the theology of end time events and the influence on the way this interprets current global events will form the main component of this course (prerequisite TH 101).

Contemporary Theology TH 203

A survey of selected theologians and theological movements in modern history from Martin Luther, John Smyth, Friedrich Schleiermacher, Karl Rahner, James P. Boyce, Octavia Albert, James H. Cone, and Charles Octavius.  The student will explore the impact of these theologians and how their thoughts shaped and influenced today‚Äôs church.

Social Impact Theology TH 306

A survey of the theological impact of social change activists; this study will focus on the ideological thoughts of modern-day activist and how theological truths informed their movement.  Suggested personalities such as James Baldwin, Malcolm X, Martin Luther King jr. Stockley Carmichael, Nelson Mandela, Che Guevara, William Lloyd Garrison, Harriet Tubman, Fredrick Douglas, W. E DuBois, Julia Ward Howe, (and others) will make up the focal study point of this course.

Science & Religion TH 200

A theological overview of the study of the methodologies and presuppositions in some of the relationships and conflicts of science and Christian belief within the context of worldviews. Past and present specific issues will be explored in this regard, e.g., origins and evolution, the biomedical revolution and bioethics, genetics, environment, sex change science etc.